Active Teens

Active Teens is a programme for people aged 12 to 18 who would like improve their lifestyle and address any weight issues.

It's about making physical activity and good nutrition a habit, and supporting teens to make changes in a positive, supportive environment.

Learn how to be active when it suits you - and have fun in the process!

What is Active Teens?

A programme that provides support with physical activity and healthy eating for young people aged 12 to 18.

Sport Southland can offer individual plans, physical activity sessions, as well as support in cooking and nutrition. 

How does it work?

Sport Southland will take you through an initial assessment. We recommend a parent accompany you, but it's not compulsory.

After that, we look at your goals and what you want to do.

We can take you through sessions at the gym, help introduce you to a new sport or activity or suggest activities or sports that might suit you.

We then catch up with you at least monthly, to see how you're going and look at ways we might be able to further support you to achieve your goals.

Who is the programme aimed at?

Young people aged 12 to 18 who would like to improve their lifestyle and address any weight issues. 

How do I get involved?

Simply contact Sport Southland.

P: 0800 ACTIVE or 03 211 2150

Once you're part of the programme we can offer tips and advice on physical activity, good nutrition and check in regularly to ensure you achieve your goals!