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Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid

Where: Rugby Park, Invercargill
When: 07/12/2016


The 2016 Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid event has been cancelled, due to the weather forecast. 

Please find details about this decision below. 

Event Information
About the Event

Message to Schools:

CANCELLED: Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid

Good morning,

It is with great regret we inform you that tomorrow’s Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid event has been cancelled.

The forecast is for significant rain from the nor-west from early tomorrow morning, intensifying during the morning and then likely clearing in the afternoon.

Given the large number of participants (1800), and the orientation of the grandstand, we know from past experience (e.g. rugby matches), that only the top eight-10 rows in the grandstand would provide sufficient shelter.

It is untenable to continue, given the forecast, and have hundreds of children potentially wet through from as soon as they get off the bus and then throughout the morning.

Due to the time of year, volunteers, buses, logistics and likely your other school commitments, there is no postponement date.

We are as disappointed as you – an amazing day had been planned – but feel responsibility to make an early call so that you can communicate to your students, parents, bus drivers and other stakeholders as required.

Please disregard the invoices relating to the event. If you have already paid we will ensure a prompt refund is made.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however we are making this call in the best interests of health and safety and providing a positive, fun experience for all participants. 

We look forward to the 2017 event with anticipation!

Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 03 211 2150, and ask for Matt or Gareth.














Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid® is a fun, action-packed event for primary school-aged children (Years 3 to 8).

The aim of the day is for every child to have fun as they take on the obstacle-course style participation event. 

How it Works

A huge obstacle course, traversing between 1.5km and 2km, at Invercargill's Rugby Park is set up. 

Every child has the option to participate as an individual, and there are also team options.

2016 Event

The 2016 Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid® will be held on Wednesday December 7. Registrations open at 9am on Wednesday 26 October and will be on a first in-first served basis.

2014 Event

Check out the video from the 2014 event, produced by I Fly Aerial Photography.

Find Out More

Contact Sport Southland.

P: 03 211 2150

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Key Information
Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid®?

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Is there a postponement date?

No, it will be held regardless.

Where is the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid®?

Rugby Park, Tweed St, Invercargill.

What time does it start and finish?

Schools need to arrive before 10.00am to collect registration packs and wrist bands (colour bands to differentiate year groups). We will go over the house rules and procedures for the day just after 10.00am, first group of students will start at 10:30am. It will be over in time for buses to return to schools to before the end of the school day.

What is the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid®?

Tough Kid® is an obstacle course for primary aged students. Students will have the opportunity to compete as an individual and within a team of four (see below for information on teams). The objective is that students that start must finish – and have fun doing it!

The Tough Kid® event has been established and run by Regional Sports Trusts in the central North Island and South Island for the last four years. It has become a popular event on the school calendar in these regions, and now attracts about 1500 students to each event.

Who participates in the Mitre 10 MEGA Invercargill Tough Kid®?

Students in Year 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Is this event accessible to those children who have an intellectual or physical disability?

Sport Southland would like to promote this event as an accessible event for all children within the age guidelines who attend your school. If you have children in your class who have special requirements, please make contact with Gareth Scott to ensure we are best able to cater for them. This will enable our team to adapt our course to suit all children, including those with physical disabilities. Gareth can be contacted on (03) 211 2150 or by emailing Please be available to have a discussion with Gareth around your child’s disability, any required support or any other considerations or logistics when it comes to physical activity to ensure all children have a positive experience on the day.

How do schools register for the event?

There are five easy steps to register:

  1. Go to on Wednesday 26 October; follow the links through to the Tough Kid page. 
    Registrations will open at 9am
  2. Fill in your details. 
    We need one teacher contact from your school, plus the number of children in each year group you wish to enter.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: We only need numbers, not names, however please be realistic with these numbers because you will be invoiced for this total regardless of whether the full numbers turn up on the day! Spaces are limited and will be filled on a first in, first served basis, so again, please be realistic with your numbers so other schools don’t miss out! The cost is $3 per child. 
  3. Select the option to be invoiced and enter the amount of students you are registering
  4. You’ll get an instant confirmation email letting you know if your registration has been successful
  5. Sport Southland will keep you up to date with all of the important information before the event; communicating with the contact teacher


When do entries close for the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid®?

Entries will open on Wednesday 26th October 2016 and are limited to the first 1400 children. No registrations will be taken after 5.00pm Friday 11th November 2016. It is first in, first served.

How much does it cost to enter the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid®?

$3 per student.

How do schools pay the entry fee?

Sport Southland will invoice the school for the number of students stated on the registration form following the event. If the school would prefer to send a cheque made out to Sport Southland this is also accepted.

What should we bring?

All children should bring a change of clothes, towel, sunblock, warm clothes, lunch, drink bottle and a hat.

How far is the course?

The course will be approximately 1.5km, however it will be designed for maximum fun so that it doesn’t feel like they are purely running 1.5km.

How long will it take to compete in the Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid® obstacle course?

Based on other Tough Kid® events across New Zealand, some children will do it in 10 minutes and others in 20 minutes. We will have marshals at every obstacle to assist.

How will the day be structured?

The day will be split into three parts – an individual race, a team’s race, and a schools race. Every student will race in the individual race (split into streams according to age grouping), and the schools race (the whole school will have access to the course at once). Schools will select teams (one team per age category) to represent their school in the teams race. There will also be a parent teacher race during the lunch break.

How will the different race streams work?

In these events, students will be started in waves of 30-40 students according to their year group. A structured timetable of the day will be distributed once we receive your entries.

How will the teams work?

Each school can enter one representative team per year group category. Each team is to be made up of two girls and two boys. Team categories are Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6, and Year 7 & 8. Teams are required to complete the course together, and therefore must cross the finish line together. Prizes will be given to the teams who demonstrate good team work.

If you have a small school roll and cannot make up the required gender mix for each team please contact event organisers to discuss possible options.

What types of obstacles are there?

Hay bale hurdles, unders and overs, a tyre pit, beam crossing, cargo net crawl, tunnel, slip ‘n’ slide and many more! A map of the course and obstacles will be distributed to schools that have entered the week before the event.

Is this something I would bring my whole class to?

Yes we are encouraging participation and fun. The Mitre 10 MEGA Invercargill Tough Kid® is a fantastic end of year activity for your whole class to participate in. It is suitable for all levels of ability.

Please note that teachers and parents are responsible for the supervision of their students. Sport Southland staff will be responsible for marshalling each group on to the course only.

What is the maximum number of student’s one school can enter?

Due to the huge demand for registrations we have had to limit schools to 100 participants. If you have a larger number of students that wish to attend please let us know the number and we can place them on a waiting list. If your number is slightly over the 100 threshold please give us a call to discuss options as the online system will only let you enter up to 100 entries. This has been done to give a larger number of schools a chance to participate in this event.

Are there a minimum number of students a school needs to enter?

No, there is no minimum.

A generic RAMS form will be emailed to all participating schools as soon as entries are confirmed.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more please contact Sport Southland on 03 211 2150 or email


Registrations open at 9am 26 October 2016

Registrations for this event have now closed.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Matt Sillars on 03 211 2150 or

If you have any questions in regards to your schools registration, please contact Gareth Scott on 03 211 2150 or


If you have further questions about the 2016 Mitre 10 Mega Invercargill Tough Kid event, please email Sport Southland Community Activator Gareth Scott at or phone 03 211 2150



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